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Recent News

Recent News

Grants During the pandemic, the activities of the Friends have largely been curtailed to making grants to individuals.  We have, however, had a constant stream of requests for grants for a variety of needs, particularly from service-users living in the community who frequently do not 

Our annual Christmas tradition at Fulbourn Hospital

Our annual Christmas tradition at Fulbourn Hospital

Through the outstanding commitment, tireless energy  and leadership of Suzanne Roy, with the support of the Council Chairman and Leader, the staff of South Cambridgeshire District Council were able under very difficult and different circumstances to maintain the longstanding tradition of their providing presents for 

Major transformation of springbank garden

Major transformation of springbank garden

As the pictures below testify, a donation from the Friends can make a huge difference to the environment experienced by patients. Karen Hogan, Springbank ward’s Occupational Therapist,  has recently updated her report on the progress with their sensory/mindfulness garden by sending us the following pictures:

Garden 8
Veg patch 22

showing that not only have flower beds been added but also a vegetable garden as well.

Garden 3

thereby achieving the objective of having a welcoming and safe space for patients.

Here from our Gardening Section is Karen’s original report on this project.

The Friends made a donation in 2019 to help transform the garden in Springbank into a sensory/mindfulness garden that can be enjoyed by patients and staff. Karen Hogan, the ward’s Occupational Therapist,  reports as follows on how the have progressed so far:

We wanted to make the garden a peaceful space that everyone on the ward can go to and explore calming sensory plants and engage in mindfulness practices. The garden at Springbank was quite neglected before the work started and rarely used unless in hot weather.  Here are a few pictures of the garden before the work was started.


Paul Herrington from Grow Places kindly worked with us to create a planting plan and we have nearly finished the first stage.  In addition to plants and flowers we have left an area to grow fruits and vegetables.  We had a successful crop of tomatoes this year and are hoping to grow a wider variety in the Spring.

We have plants some strong smelling herbs in our newly painted raised beds and part of our focus next year will be developing these beds further to include a variety of plants that appeal to all the senses.

Another aim for next year is to add peaceful places to sit and other sensory inputs such as wind chimes, mosaics and lights.

One final highlight from the garden has been the opportunity to work with Sandie Cain from the Botanic Garden in Cambridge, we were lucky to go to a training course on basic horticulture skills and Sandie also visited our garden to see how we were doing and offer advice.  Sandie has agreed to return next year to continue to support us.  We got a lot of great ideas from visiting her schools garden at the Botanics.

Here are a few pictures of the garden during the development.  We look forward to updating you in the Spring 2020 when the garden is completed.

Christmas gifts from South Cambridgeshire District Council to Fulbourn Hospital

Christmas gifts from South Cambridgeshire District Council to Fulbourn Hospital

2018 is the thirteenth year in a row that workers at South Cambridgeshire District Council have sent Christmas presents to the wards at Fulbourn. They will be received by approximately 55 patients at Fulbourn on the Denbigh, Willow, George Mackenzie and Mulberry wards. These gestures of