Vision & Values

Vision & Values

The Friends of Fulbourn Hospital and the Community is a registered charity which was established in 1952.
We exist to support the care, welfare and recovery of sufferers from mental illness. A further aim is to increase the understanding of mental illness, and the needs and problems of patients, and their carers.


Our vision is to ensure that all sufferers from mental illness, who are or who have been associated with Fulbourn Hospital, receive the support which they need for their care, welfare and recovery.


Our contribution is focussed on three areas of need:
– Supporting the wards at Fulbourn Hospital in projects which enhance the quality of life and recovery of people in the wards;
– Supporting individuals with grants, in particular to enable them to live independent lives;
– Promoting projects that provide fellowship for those in the community with mental health problems.
We believe that our vision can best be achieved through partnership with other organisations, especially the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust. We also believe that it requires a significant increase in the public understanding of mental illness and the needs and problems of patients, and their carers.


Grant funding is the principal means by which we achieve our aims. We respond to requests from ward staff for help by paying for ways in which the patients’ lives can be enhanced. Examples are improving ward gardens, tuning a piano, or purchasing therapeutic activities. Grants are made to individuals, who are living in the community, in response to a request from a member of their community care team. We pay for things such as essential household goods, or to enable them to pursue an activity which helps them on the path to recovery.
We fund fellowship activities such as the Pottery Group, the Forum Lunch and the Living Room project. These are opportunities for those with mental health problems to share a common interest in an activity in a social setting which is focussed on that activity and not on their illness.