Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy

  1. FOFH will respect the privacy of the persons with which it deals, and any data it holds will be used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way. Best endeavours will be used to keep data accurate and up to date, to keep data secure and confidential, and to retain it only for so long as is necessary to serve the purposes for which it was obtained.
  2. The basis on which FOFH will rely for holding and processing data will be one of the following:

(a) Where it has a legitimate interest to do so in order to further the objectives and purposes of FOFH. This basis will apply in the majority of cases.

(b) Where it has the consent of the person whose data is held or processed. This basis will only apply where FOFH has sought and obtained consent which has been freely given for a specific purpose.

(c) Where there is a legal obligation to hold or process the data, for example, to enable FOFH to comply with its regulatory obligations.

  1. The purposes for which data will be held and processed will include the following;

(a) Keeping in contact with members and supporters and informing them of the activities of FOFH

(b) Seeking funds for specific or general purposes of FOFH

(c) Obtaining refunds of tax under Gift Aid

(d) Making grants

(e) Keeping in contact with persons working for CPFT or engaged in the mental health sector in order to identify support which FOFH can give, or needs which FOFH can meet in order to fulfil its objects and purposes.

(f) Making payments to commercial organisations or individuals

(g) Maintaining personal details of trustees of FOFH as necessary for maintaining the banking and investment facilities of FOFH and to enable FOFH to fulfil its obligations to the Charity Commission.

  1. Data held or processed by FOFH may include names, addresses and other contact details of individuals, and their bank account details. In the case of 3(c) above, it may include

information about the work people do within the health sector. In the case of trustees of FOFH, it may include dates of birth and nationality.

  1. FOFH holds accounting data and related documents for six years. Lists of members and supporters, and the data held or processed in that connection, will be reviewed on a regular basis of not less than 12 months, and data which is no longer required will be deleted. Any other data held on individuals will be similarly reviewed.
  2. The sources of data held or processed by FOFH :

(a) Data provided directly by individuals to FOFH.

(b) Data which is publicly available.

(c) Data provided by a third party to enable FOFH to contact an individual or individuals.

  1. FOFH will respect the right of access to personal data and the right to have personal data erased.
  2. The officers of FOFH, namely the Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer, each hold and process data on behalf of FOFH, and are the responsible persons for complying with this Policy.