We welcome donations from individuals, groups, trusts and corporations to support the work of FoFHC, both its regular programmes as well as specific initiatives. Different ways to give are detailed below. We have minimal operating costs.

Tax relief: We benefit from the Gift Aid scheme which enables us to reclaim the tax on donations by UK taxpayers amounting to a 25 pence rebate for every pound given.

Regular giving – Regular monthly donations are invaluable as they ensure a consistent flow of funding to FoFHC  and also enable the management team there to budget and plan ahead. The majority of regular donations go into the general fund for use across the three areas of support for:

  • The wards at Fulbourn Hospital, such as last year’s substantial grant to Springbank Ward to create a sensory garden.
  • Individuals, in particular meeting those who are living in the community, by making grants for things such as essential household goods, or to enable them to pursue an activity which helps them on the path to recovery. These applications are normally made by a member of the CPT community care team.
  • Fellowship activities, like the Pottery Group, the Forum Lunch and the Living Room project.

One off donation – Single donations of whatever size, large or small, make a very real difference to the work of FoFHC. One off donations go into the general fund to be used across the areas of support: wards, individuals and fellowship.

  • To donate by standing order or bank transfer, please email for an information sheet and a Gift Aid form.
  • To donate by cheque, please email and we will send you the postal address and a Gift Aid form.
  • To donate online, please use the FoFHC account on JustGiving webpage.

Giving in memory or leaving a legacy – Many people remember a charity in their will; others use the estate of a loved one to make a charitable donation. A gift of any size will have a lasting impact on the lives of needy people.

Volunteering  We welcome volunteers who can give some of their time to help the Friends, particularly with fundraising and outreach. We are currently seeking to recruit an organiser for a new Forum Lunch. Details about this roles can be found by clicking on the link forum-lunch-organiser