About Arts and Minds

Building on the pioneering work of the Millennium Arts Project (MAP) initiated by the Friends of Fulbourn Hospital and the Community, Arts and Minds began work early in 2007 to extend MAP throughout Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.   Aiming to include people of all ages with all forms of mental illness and learning disabilities and to offer arts participation as a preventative as well as a rehabilitative experience, Arts and Minds works across all age groups from children to the elderly, in hospitals and community settings, employing multiple art forms.

Initially a voluntary organisation, the last year and a half has seen a marked increase in the professionalisation of the organisation and the strategic thinking behind its development of projects.

Development and growth of the Arts and Minds charity includes the move from hot-desking to new office facilities and the recent on-going rebranding of the Arts and Minds website. Also there has been steady progression from volunteering to professional, from smaller to larger scale projects, from evaluation to research, and from local to national/international projects.

Read more about Arts and Minds on their web site at http://artsandminds.org.uk/.